Jumping into video tutorials, exploring animation tools

I’m sold on the value of short (2-5 minute) videos and their ability to make information accessible.  Internet wandering learners are more likely to stay for the lesson when it engages them without them having to settle in and get comfortable.

So, I’m going to try my hand at some over the next few weeks. As I’m preparing topics and content (some foundational concepts in group communication and some commentary in comm & tech), I’m exploring different options for presentation and delivery.  Voice over PowerPoint is an obvious option, but I’d like to make it the fallback if all else fails.  Instead, I’m investigating several tools for video and animation, some of which my students have used in great ways.  I thought I’d share the list here.  Right now, it’s in alphabetical order.  I’ll come back in a while and re-order to show more of a ranking:






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